Use this form every month as part of your DCinema Self-Compliance Plan.

This check of your facility’s entire DCinema System is to be performed each month by the facility’s chief technician, assisted by and working alongside the executive who reports to the CEO regarding DCinema security and compliance.

The use of this form does not preclude other tests being done as appropriate for your facility and systems. For example, neither the DCI Compliance Specifications nor the SMPTE standards for DCinema specify the equipment or methods of networking computers, except that it be done well and appropriately. Therefore, if your system is better served by more rigorous networking tests, incorporate them into these procedures.

(If the DCinemaCompliance Group is providing this form electronically for your portable computer or iPhone, we can make the modifications as required. If the DCinemaCompliance Group is providing the online storage for your reports, the online databases will be modified as well.)

The referenced Video and Audio tests require that you make 2 Playlists composed of:

Video Tests:

1) white_step_j2c_pt.mxf

2) gray_step_j2c_pt.mxf

3) color_accuracy_j2c_pt.mxf

4) nist_2k_test_pattern_j2c_pt.mxf

Audio Tests are:

1) channel_id_01-16_j2c_pt.mxf

2) channel_id_71_j2c_pt.mxf

3) channel_id_51_j2c_pt.mxf

4) sync_count_j2c_pt.mxf


The purpose of this form is: To identify areas that should be improved and/or brought back into compliance. The purpose is not to ‘catch’ anyone.

These procedures will assist your organization to fulfill its contractual obligations, whether you are actively working on a formal Self-Compliance Plan, (complete with Quality Management System, Gap Analysis and Employee Auditor Training), or just doing your best to keep pace with the opportunities and responsibilities of Digital Cinema. We welcome your input to making these inspections as painless and mutually beneficial for every player in the process.