Use this form every day as part of your DCinema Self-Compliance Plan.

This check of vital components of your facility’s DCinema System should be performed each day by an employee with training in the details of Computer, Security, Network and IT, Compliance and Quality Control which are relevant to Digital Cinema…typically, chief technician, typically the chief projectionist.

Why daily? Perhaps because it is easier to do a little at a time each day, perhaps because the VFP agreement and distributor agreements specify movies will not be delivered if the equipment is not in compliance. We think the best reason is that Standard Procedures, comprised of Best Practices, are an effective and efficient way to handle problems before they occur. Furthermore, clients notice and frequent more often, a business with an involved staff.

Using this form does not preclude doing other tests that are appropriateyou're your facility and systems. SMPTE and DCI Specifications are quite focused on picture, audio and security. Since your network is more complex, and protects assets more valuable than most banks deal with, your network specialist might suggest other tests for your benefit.

(If the DCinemaCompliance Group is providing this form electronically for your portable computer or iPhone, we can make the modifications as required. If the DCinemaCompliance Group is providing the online storage for your reports, the online databases will be modified as well.)

See the DCinemaMonthly for details of creating the referenced Video and Audio tests for this checklist.

The purpose of this form is: To identify areas that should be improved and/or brought back into compliance. The purpose is not to ‘catch’ anyone.

These procedures will assist your organization to fulfill its contractual obligations, whether you are actively working on a formal Self-Compliance Plan, (complete with Gap Analysis and Employee Auditor Training), or just doing your best to keep pace with the opportunities and responsibilities of Digital Cinema. We welcome your input to making these inspections as painless and mutually beneficial for every player in the process.