The person who figures out how to put ideas artistically into code is the inimitable Jean-François Questiaux, who is also the mind and soul behind ProIncandescent: The Portal for Fire Art & Design and In this case he is using the free and open source packages of MySQL (the database), Joomla (the user interface), Akeeba (for backups and packaging) and Fabrik (for database interface) as well as custom php code to make magic like the appropriate number of tabs for the appropriate number of auditoriums, or the extra special ACL – Access Control List – manipulation that allows for the tiered, yet secure, structure of the system.

The person who keeps throwing disjointed ideas at him – as if he were a hermit who has been thinking about this subject too long (and with no one to otherwise talk to) Charles 'C J' Flynn of DCinemaTools – Like Tangents In The Rain and DigitalTestTools – Reining Tangents with Quality Assurance Tools, System-Wide (System-Wise).

Since it is a project that will only use open source tools – and which will be brought to the public as a an easy-install package, freely as an open source tool – we expect there will be a stage where we'll figure out how to get other programmers involved. Once the system is set up on someone's site, they can see and examine...and even change...everything. There are not and will not be secret back-doors, no security by obscurity, and no method of breaking ... the rest of this page is intentionally left blank...we ran out of words for now.